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We have been targeting the future with the experience of the past and the opportunities of the day


KOZUVA from yesterday to these days…

Adem KOZUVA, who started his commercial activities in the year 1955, would take active roles in different sectors to which he participated with his companies in the 2000s by analysing properly the economic balances in which Turkey was in.

KOZUVA family, who started its commercial activities as a grocery shop management initiated by Adem KOZUVA in 1955, has successfully continued to serve in various sectors such as farming, food wholesale, transport business thereafter.

KOZUVA, foreseeing the change potential in the Thrace region in parallel with the process of globalization of Turkey in the late 1980s, has begun to invest in the construction field by giving a different direction to sectorial trend. In the early 1990s, the necessary steps in the institutionalization process were taken with the participation of the new generation and the new companies established in this modernization process, carried their activities within the KOZUVA group of companies to higher levels in the following years and undertook active roles in the domestic and the foreign markets.

“We have been targeting the future for many years with the experience of yesterday and the opportunities of the day …”

The KOZUVA family, which incorporated into its group new companies which would assume activities by actualizing the necessary technical and institutional structuring in line with the changing needs and the increasing demands in the 21st century, has succeeded to become known in the domestic and the foreign markets in a short time with high-level projects it has undertaken. In addition to their activities in the field of building and construction, our group companies have achieved the success they planned by taking steps in the textile sector as well and have become a company, exporting to many countries of the world. The Kozuva Group of Companies, which makes investments in the airport management and the informatics sector, which is an indispensable part of today, continues to shape its activities neoterically and also continues its activities with the enterprises it has established, which are focused on education, tourism and R & D technologies.

Company Profile

The KOZUVA Group of Companies which was founded in the year of 1955, continues its commercial activities in 10 different areas with its 10 companies in 2020.

Our companies work with the mission of providing an added value to our country and our world in different sectors with the same sensitivity by sharing their work experience of many years.


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